Franco Lacosta has over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, having worked with the likes of Yves Saint Laurent, Gianfranco Ferre and international publications such as Italian Vogue, ELLE and Italian Marie Claire. His career spans across many aspects of the industry, model, stylist, photographer, designer, creative director and content creator.

For ABC’s hit show The Bachelor, Lacosta was a key figure to spice up the new season and
provoke the contestants. Franco developed a few concepts for the episodic reality show, from photoshoots to challenges. In addition to his role as guest creative director , Lacosta was featured as on-camera talent and photographer during the competitions.

Lacosta also collaborated with the styling team on few episodes, contributing to the overall visual experience of the show, and his fun personality and personal style brought in rave reviews.

For Nuvo’s hit show Model Latina, Lacosta was a key figure on set. From its creation in 2005, Franco activated countless concepts for the episodic reality show, from photoshoots to challenges and sponsorships.

In addition to his role as producer and content creator, Lacosta was featured as a Guest Photographer and Resident Judge during the competitions.

as part of his role on Model Latina, franco acted as mentor towards the girls, providing valuable lessons on personal branding, career development, and life coaching.

Lacosta was also responsible for the artistic direction for the show’s branded content, contributing to the overall visual experience of the show.

For several seasons of CW’s America’s Next Top Model, Lacosta produced and directed a variety of brand-driven challenges, many of which he was also featured on as a guest Director and Photographer. Lacosta offered invaluable criticism to challenge contestants, providing them with an opportunity to begin their career in the modeling and fashion industries.

Lacosta’s vast experience and invaluable resources are a great asset to any creativeprocess. He and his team confidently rely on his great professional network,as he utilizes his creativity and resourcefulness. His partnerships offer Lacosta influence across everygeneration, expanding the aesthetics and vision of any project.